♫ What is Letsmusicplay.com?

♫ It is a customized website that plays your favourite radio stations and songs playing over them.

♫ How Letsmusicplay.com is better than other music websites?

♫ It's simple because of number of features we provide to our user with a click. You name it no other website come with so many features for free. We have listed those features below to proof you how we are best than other websites.

► Its Completely Free - Yes you heard it right. Here you can play and listen free music online.

► Music Search - You can search songs which you like to here and our customized website will result you with the radio stations that are currently playing that song.

► Live Radio - You can search the radio stations which you like and hit the play button and keep listening to music playing over your favourite radio stations.

► User Playlists - Many user's search for playlists over internet so they can switch to that playlist. We also like other websites provide best popular playlists, but we also provide power to our user to search their favourite songs, then to create their own cusomized playlist, So they can listen to music online anywhere according to their mood and to the songs they love.

► New Releases - On the New Releases page we list the latest released songs which you can listen free.

► Trending - On the Trending page we list the top trending songs which are trending in top from last 180 days.

► Add to Favourites - Other website might be only providing their user to create their playlist we put a step forward to our users by giving them power to add their favourite songs to favourite, on My favourties page you can see your favourites.

► Add to Queue - Yeah you can add songs to queue. For adding any songs to play after listening to your current playing songs you can simply right click on the song and then click the option add to queue.You can find the queued songs on the Play Queue page.

► You can Follow and Chat - Yes Lets Music Play also provide you the space to chat with the other users and follow your favourite artists. You can also browse their playlists too.

► Listening History - On login you can see your listening history also.

► Purchase Digital Songs - After listening to a song if you thing that you also want to have it for offline or to credit to artist simply download from amazon or itunes.

► Can Import Playlist - You can import playlist from spotify, vk, etc.

► Genres - You can switch to your genres according to your mood and can listen to internet radio stations.

► Lyrics - On demand get the lyrics of the song. Simply for reading lyrics of the song click on lyrics button on the play bar or just select your track and from track page you can read lyrics of the songs.

► Various Other Informations like - Bio about artist, albums released by him and the tracks under that albums. Similar artists, Similasr playlists you mightlike,etc.

► We will come with many more for our dear users. We will love if you be a part of Letsmusicplay.com you can simply do it by registering or login via other accounts from login page. If you are pleased with our efforts kindly give us a love gesture by sharing our website to your friends on facebook, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat, etc so they can also listen to awesome music here and yeah you can tell him/her to follow you here and also chat.

► Thank You Dear User!